Let’s Grow Together – You can help the Walker Aviation Museum!

Let’s grow together!  Walker Aviation Museum Foundation is a non-profit museum whose purpose is to  promote Roswell’s aviation history and importance to our nation.

Our goal is to raise enough funds to move our museum into downtown Roswell in order to reach more visitors — you can help!

When you give to our campaign, you are joining your neighbors by helping us raise funds to build new displays, provide interactive displays, remodel a new location and most importantly to educate our youth and motivate them to inspire them to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Math and Engineering (STEM).

We are counting on you to help spread the word for this great and worthy cause. We would like to reach our goal by June 30, 2018.

Many people do not realize the importance that Walker Air Force Base had for our nation and how it was critical to our security during the cold war.  We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about our history.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for your donation and the support of our community!  By you giving, you join your neighbors as a part of the preservation of history.




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  1. Marshall L. Brown Jr. says:

    Does anyone know where the Class Books for the WW II-era Precision Bombardier School at RAAF can be accessed? My father was in Class 44-8, March 18, 1944 – June 13, 1944. Is there a library of historical documents like that at the Museum? Thank you in advance.


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