The Rice family while at Walker AFB.   Our story began after my dad Cpt. Orval Rice reassured my mom that he would not be recalled to active duty, he was recalled in September of 1952.  I was born December 1952!  By 1953, we were living at Walker AFB.  He was assigned to the 509Th Air Refueling Squadron as a pilot on the KB 29, transitioned to the KC-97 (see photos below of deployment to Goosebay, Labrador Canada.).

For myself, I remember nothing about being there, but the photo tells a little bit. Notice the air conditioner on the roof.  That was also the day I had my first haircut after dad got home!
LTC (Ret) Lloyd Rice WAARNG, LtCol (Ret) Carol Miskill USMC, Asst Phys Therapist (Ret) Jan Rice

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